Welcome to my repair page.

My soft toy and Teddy Bear hospital is here for any minor or major repairs and TLC “Teddy Loving Care” for your much loved items, whatever their age.

Any type of repair/restoration is treated with love and respect, for you to love and cherish once again.

Does your favourite friend require a hole stitching up, their Limbs or head fixing back on, maybe they need their eyes fixing or replaced, maybe their mouth and nose needs some work or replacing, do they need strengthening, or maybe they Just need some re-stuffing and some TLC?

If I can help, please contact me via email: graybubbles@icloud.com with some photo’s or call me On 07502457046 to discuss their treatment and an estimate for the treatment required.

“I am so grateful to Sue for how well she looked after my Barney teddy. He holds a lot of sentimental value, but Sue was communicative throughout the whole process, so I knew when he arrived with her and when she had sent him back to me. It meant I didn’t have to worry about him being lost in the post!

Sue did a wonderful job of repairing Barney whilst maintaining his original features. I was initially worried that he might come back a completely different teddy, but Sue repaired him in exactly the way I wanted. I still feel like I have my original Barney, he’s just cleaner, and more sturdy!

I can’t thank Sue enough for her work!”