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Unique, one-of-a-kind & bespoke bears

Beautiful bears to love and cherish or give as a gift

Lovingly crafted by me for you

Perfect for snuggles




Little Leonora loves to paint, and is the perfect size to fit snuggly into any bear collection.

Mr. Jones


Mr. Jones is made from woollen fabric, he’s the perfect gift for yourself nor for someone special.



Harmony is a pretty little girl, with pink tipped mohair fur, she’s very excited to be adopted.



Crystal a beautiful, little mohair is the perfect size to fit into any bear collection.



Little Sidney is made from a lovely shade of blue mohair. He’s always with his little tool box.



Beautiful Barney has a hidden surprise in his tummy………a growler.

he’s been up-cyled from a faux fur coat.



Bumble is ready for some gardening, she loves wildlife and her garden.

she’s been created from a remnant of mohair.



Bruce is cuddly bear made from faux fur, looking very dapper in his bow tie.



Thomas, made with part mohair, comes with his own little forever friend in a case.

Mr & Mrs


Mr & Mrs are two special faux fur bears, just married and very excited to be part of your special day and family.



Cupcake is sitting pretty with her fabric cupcake, created using a lovely, golden faux fur.



Little Fleur, created with 2 different colours of mohair will fit snuggly into any bear collection or the perfect start to a collection.



Little Rosie is ready and waiting to meet her new forever friend. She’s been created using mohair and some colourful rose fabric.



Little Grace has a very cheeky, adorable face. She’s been created using a mix of mohair and woollen felt.



Little Theodore who’s made with a remnant of mohair, he is always ready for a nice cup of tea.



Oskar is a very debonair boy, created by using a orange mix, long haired mohair and velvet, he’s the perfect size to fit nicely into any bear collection.



Toby is a dashing young bear, created by using a mix of short haired mohair and fabric, he’s super excited about being adopted.



Beautiful Willow is ready for her new forever home. She’s made with some lovely grey woollen and leafy fabrics.



Zuki is a lovely soft and cuddly girl looking forward to cuddles, she’s been up-cycled from a super soft gilet.



Charlotte is sitting pretty in her lovely outfit and matching hat. Made from a lovely golden colour faux fur, she’s very excited to be adopted.



Meet little Cora, made with faux fur and colourful fabric, she’s sitting pretty with a little ladybird on her paw.



Gorgeous Rupert is ready for his new forever home. He’s a mix of mohair and fabric.



This is Rose, made with Mohair, she’s small enough to fit into any bear collection.



This is Busby, made with faux fur, he’s a handsome little chap holding his bee.



Timmy is ready for a game of badminton, his favourite game. Made from a remnant of golden, faux fur.



Lola is a sweet little, sleepy bear. Made with long haired, faux fur.



Olivia loves to sit and hold her little butterfly. She’s made from a faux fur coat.



Joshua is a cheeky boy looking for his new forever friend. He’s made from a lovely, soft, grey, faux fur.



Rebel is ready for adoption and excited about meeting his new forever friend. He’s been created using faux fur coats.

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