Little Bobby loves to play with his wooden ship, it goes everywhere with him.



I’d like to introduce you to Bobby, who’s a gorgeous little boy, made with a lovely, off cut of this pale blue mohair, his paws are made with wool felt and hand sewn claws with black, embroidery thread.

Bobby’s handmade scarf keeps him nice and snug and has a matching blue button attached.

He measures 38 cm standing and 26 cm sitting, he has blue and black, plastic safety eyes and hand stitched features, he’s fully jointed with cotter pins,  Bobby is firmly filled with polyester stuffing, with plastic pellets in his tummy for weight.

Bobby’s little wooden boat is his favourite toy, which goes everywhere with him.

Bobby comes with:

  • A personalised poem
  • An adoption certificate
  • Albert is 1 of 1artist bear, ideal for collectors.

Unsuitable for young children.

Additional information

Weight1 kg


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