Milo is sitting snug in his nice warm scarf.



Cheeky looking Milo has been created from a gorgeous soft faux fur coat in a mix of browns, grey, black and purple, his paws are made using a remnant of velvet with hand stitched claws.

Milo is fully jointed bear who Measures 34cm standing & 26cm sitting. His features have been hand stitched with black embroidery thread and he has a shaved muzzle, which shows off his lovely, big glass eyes off. His tummy is filled with plastic pellets, the rest of him has poly-fibre toy stuffing.

Milo is wearing a nice warm, wool fabric scarf around his neck with a button hand sewn on it.

Milo is ready for adoption and very excited to meet his new forever friend for snuggles.


Milo comes with:

  • His name tag
  • A personalised poem
  • An adoption certificate
  • A  fabric bag with a button
  • Milo is a-one-of-a-kind bear ideal for collectors.

Unsuitable for children.


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